Zorp GPL

The security middleware.

Release Notes 7.0.4


  • Made the Zorp compatible with TLS 1.3. It does not mean that Zorp supports TLS 1.3. Earlier Advanced Protocol Recognition (APR) SNI and server certificate detector components might have failed if the client initiated a TLS 1.3 connection. Now these detectors work well with any version of TLS 1.3 protocols. In case of TLS offloading/interception TLS 1.3 is explicitly disabled, so it cannot work even if the underlaying library version (>= OpenSSL 1.1.1) makes it possible to use TLS 1.3 with Zorp. This will be the behavior until Zorp has explicit TLS 1.3 support to avoid any operational and interoperability problems.


  • Reloading a non-running Zorp instance now causes error. Earlier this error was silently suppressed.



  • Fixed kZorp service starting mechanism. Earlier when the service was started it could return before Zone related configurations were downloaded to kZorp. This might cause Zorp services fail to start as their configurations referred to Zones that were not downloaded yet. Now Zorp services wait for the Zone download to finish.


  • Duplicate CA/CRL directory related attributes were removed. Earlier there were (ca|crl)(_verify)?_directory attributes in CertificateVerifier class used in EncryptionPolicy. The usage of (ca|crl)_directory) attributes was heavily memory intensive and the CA/CRL files were loaded at the setup time of the EncryptionPolicy while (ca|crl)_verify_directory attributes are moderately CPU intensive and load the CA/CRL files on demand. Considering the latter version has much more advantages than disadvantages the former version was removed and is now automatically converted to the latter version.
  • Use DH parameters defined in RFC 3526 instead of generating custom one. Earlier during the installation of Zorp a DH parameter was generated which might take a long time in lack of entrophy. Now the 4096-bit DH parameter is based on RFC 3526.