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The security middleware.



Making sense of Zorp firewall logs using syslog-ng

Figuring out how to parse your firewall logs is not always easy. This blogpost shows you some useful log-parsing techniques. For the examples, I use the logs of the Zorp proxy firewall, developed now by Balasys, the Hungarian distributor of Balabit products.

Making sense of Zorp firewall logs using syslog-ng @ Czanik@BalaBit

Zorp GPL on Mobile World Congress as Ubuntu partner

MWC 2016 was an amazing success. The IoT and Next-Generation Networking area was full of people. Partners had some amazing demos…

Balasys created an NFV firewall snap based on their Zorp open source firewall.

MWC16 Success! Thank you partners! @ Maarten Ectors – Vice President Internet of Things at Canonical Ltd. / Ubuntu

New maintenance release is available

Source code of new maintenance release (6.0.8) of Zorp GPL LTS is available on GitHub.


New LTS release is available

Source code of new LTS release (6.0) of Zorp GPL is available on GitHub.

Rather cool little firewall -- Mark Shuttleworth

Mark Shuttleworth, Ubuntu founder, labelled Zorp GPL as “rather cool little firewall” when talked about its JuJu integration on IoT World Conference.

Ubuntu Core runs Zorp on IoT World

There were lots of interesting Snappy Apps running on various machines, e.g. Zabbix monitoring, Microsoft real-time performance monitoring integration into Azure, Forgerock’s access and identity management solutions for IoT, Balabit’s Zorp firewall, F5’s Linerate loadbalancer, Freedomotic, Eclipse MQTT via Mosquito, M2MLabs, IP camera security solutions, WebRTC conference solutions, etc.

IoT World and the power of Snappy Apps everywhere @ Ubuntu Insights

Snappy switches with Zorp GPL by Ubuntu

“Enterprises now have a single platform to manage for a very wide range of devices – from switches to access points to robotics to bare metal container hosts. Snappy Ubuntu Core unifies ‘all the things’ and provides management with a universal firmware and app store.” said Mark Shuttleworth on IoT World 2015.

Penguin Computing is the first to qualify and offer switches based on snappy Ubuntu Core and their Arctica network control software. Initial offerings will be top of rack 10GE and aggregation 40GE models. Apps include Zorp GPL as firewall.

IoT World: Snappy for Whitebox Switches @ Ubuntu Insights